Strathnairn Exhibition

AIM’s 2017 exhibition was held at Strathnairn Gallery on the north-west outskirts of Canberra. The gallery is located in the homestead of the very peaceful property. Blink twice and you would think you had driven out into the country. But this gem is only minutes from the suburbs and filled with bird song and views from the back of the gallery which stretch to the beautiful Brindabella Mountains. It is a busy place with two light filled exhibiting galleries, artists studios, a shop for artists to sell their work and a terrific cafe with tables inside and in the garden. strathnairn website


The hanging team

Members of AIM including Camelia Smith, Eva Henry and Val Johnson, carefully curated and hung the exhibition before the opening was held on Thursday the 27th April. They did a magnificent job hanging the miniatures and grouping them into themes so the exhibition flowed around the room.

The exhibition was opened by Jo Hollier, who is a  full-time practising artist/printmaker based in Canberra, ACT Australia. Jo is a prominent figure in supporting the arts in the ACT and Australia, and also teaches drawing, painting, etching and printmaking. Jo was introduced to the crowd by the gallery director Peter Haynes and she gave a wonderful and very informative introduction to the show.

It was a joy to see the works of the very talented members of AIM hanging together at the opening. The exhibition was not to be rushed as you moved from work to work marveling at the detail, range of subject matter and fine techniques used by each artist. 66 miniatures were exhibited by the following artists. Lucie Anfiloff, Sharon Buckland, Margaret Carr, Lyn Cottingham, Jocelyne Godber, Eva Henry, Deborah Hamilton, Cheryl Hodges, Sandra House, Val Johnson, Michaela Laurie, Stuart Marshall, Isla Patterson, Heather Prickett, Camelia Smith, Jan Vincent and Arlene Williams.

Here are photos of the gallery and the miniatures. Please click on the individual images to enlarge them.

Gallery 15

Gallery 14

Gallery 12

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